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Case Study | MFA Graduate Thesis Project

Academy of Art University Graduate School of Web Design & New Media

Week 13

This week I analyzed effective speaking principles, defined my project scope, and evaluated my selection of sources and references to include in my project's bibliography.

I also continued to further refine my slides and created a revised version of my presentation. The Major changes made to presentation included:

  • Updated the Table of Contents Slide
  • Added Key/Legend to the Task Flow Diagrams
  • Further Developed the Logo & Added a Logo Slide
  • Tweaked Layout, Colors, and Alignment on all Slides
  • Added Photo to Proof of Concept User Scenario & Refined Scenario
  • Removed Paper Prototype Test Slides and Consolidated them into One Test Results Slide
  • Removed (2) A/B Test Results Slides
  • Updated Change Implementation Slides with High Fidelity Designs
  • Added Sources/Bibliography Slide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Slide

Task Flow Diagram with added Key/Legend
Task Flow Diagram with added Key/Legend

Logo Slide
Logo Slide

Proof of Concept User Scenario
Proof of Concept User Scenario

Test Results Slide
Test Results Slide

Change Implementation Slides (1-5)
Implementation of Changes Slide 1

Implementation of Changes Slide 2


Implementation of Changes Slide 3


Implementation of Changes Slide 4


Implementation of Changes Slide 5

Sources/Bibliography Slide

Sources and Bibliography Slide

Effective Speaking Principles

My coursework provided some great tips for effective speaking for presenting my presentation to an audience:

Some examples are:

  • be present
  • connect with your audience
  • do research
  • breathe
  • do not read from the screen
  • do not provide a disclaimer
  • tell a story
  • create nice visuals
  • practice your presentation

Project Scope

After evaluating my project and its requirements, I was able to propose a realistic project scope for the work I can accomplish before Mid-Point Review and after Mid-Point Review during my studies at the Academy of Art University.

Ways to Grow Framework

The Ways to Grow Framework is a great exercise from Design it that helps you determine the scope of your Project. Its a quick and visual way to understand  how difficult your design solutions may be to implement.

You can access the Ways to Grow Framework from Design Kit here: |

Give it a try!

Design Kit logo


I have created a bibliography slide to include the following research sources:

  • resources
  • references
  • topic research
  • technical research
  • expert consultant

Coming-Up Next...

Next week, I will be finalizing my presentation and using a screen capture software to record an audio and visual presentation for my Final Assignment of my User Experience: Human Centered Design class. These will be the topics of discussion:

  • Using a screen capture software to record my presentation: oral and visual presentation combined.
  •  Talking about myself, my portfolio, my future goals, and my Project, all in 15–20 minutes!

This blog will serve as a place to create my case study.
I invite you to follow along with me as I journey through this process.

Thank you for reading and for your interest.

Julie A. Davis Veach