The Law of Acceptance Chrysalis Original on Large Canvas 36x36"

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Private Collection

"The Law of Acceptance - Chrysalis"

Gaining a clear perspective can be very painful. Facing reality requires courage because it is about accepting things as they are, without illusion or mental justification.

With this acceptance, the Chrysalis can be formed, an incubator for transformation, if we choose to accept that we cannot change the past and instead choose to go with the flow of whatever life brings our way in full confidence and with gratitude.

Part of the Rise Up collection of abstract works to capture the transformative process of growth in difficult times. Bold, beautiful color to express JOY, transformation, and change for a brighter day!

This painting is a one-off original and cannot be reproduced.

If you love it, collect it!

I can't wait for you to enjoy this in your home! Please allow a few weeks for varnishing, packaging, and delivery.