Hello Friends!

I'm Julie, a multidisciplinary artist and visual designer. I am so glad you are here!

Inspiration & The Creative Process

I have always felt a deep connection to something greater than myself with a knowing that there is so much more to life than can be comprehended by our mind or seen with our eyes. These intangibles are most intriguing to me. They spark my imagination, keep me curious, and heighten my awareness.

Awareness  can heal, create compassion, and bring about the changes we wish to see in ourselves and in the world. I am drawn to this inner-knowing. The creative process of making art allows me the opportunity to explore it and share it with others!

Julie Davis American painter artist

Julie Davis in her studio painting. Photo Credit: Tell the Story Photography



In 2021, I decided to work towards becoming a full-time artist. I have always been involved in artistic endeavors since childhood. I sold my earliest drawings of horses and dogs at Holiday Bazaars in Germany when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have worked and served in many creative roles; dance choreographer/instructor/program director, graphic designer, art teacher, photographer, muralist, and web developer to name a few. The last 8 years I have been dedicated to being a stay-at-home mom for my youngest son, Zen.

I express resiliency, connection, and self-reflection through my art! The creative process provides me an opportunity to connect with the Ultimate Creator, experience healing, explore humanity, express gratitude, find beauty and hope in chaos, and share that experience with others! The process allows me the opportunity to literally create beauty out of any circumstance. I love to create work that is intentional, feminine and visceral. I do this by balancing the presence of the artist hand and the elements of design at play.

My goal is to create art that provides the viewer with an intellectual and spiritual experience - to feel the promise of a brighter future, the power to choose their reality despite their circumstances, and to connect through compassion, be inspired, and encourage others! 


As a visual designer, I find solutions to a problems that are provided by design—increasing conversions, eliminating pain-points, and reducing friction. I listen, observe, and understand context and how a design will be integrated into the world. I have empathy, am meticulous, perceptive, and open to change.

Recently, I graduated with an MA in Interactive and UX/UI Design at the Academy of Art University, School of Interaction and UI/UX Design, San Francisco, California.

I'm grateful for the many creative roles I have had over the years; I've served as Senior Graphic Designer for the Public Affairs & Marketing Office, Headquarters of Darnall Army Medical Center, an Official Army Photographer, a Multi-Media Specialist for the Directorate of Information Management, Web Master for Fort Carson's Network Enterprise Center, Art teacher at the Bemis School of Art, Colorado Springs, Dance Instructor in various capacities, painter of fine art, murals & fuax finishes,- to name a few!

I have exhibited nationally, received public and private commissions, earned awards for fine art and graphic design, and have experience teaching adults and children dance and fine art.

Impact-based Business 

Davis Fine Art is an impact-based business with the goal of becoming a social enterprise - embedding social impact and sustainable revenue streams into her business model and using her business for good!

Davis intentionally utilizes her artwork to make social impact . Davis works with a variety of progressive and social-justice organizations, institutions, non-profits, and charities. GIVING BACK

Julie currently exhibits and sells her work online at www.JulieDavisArt.com.