Ocean Abyss


One of a kind original artwork

Certificate of authenticity

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Please allow 4 weeks for Julie to prepare your original for shipment

The Infinity Collection - Ocean Abyss Series

This ongoing collection of fluid, free, organic micro explorations invites you to join me on a journey of artistic discovery. As I continue to add to this project throughout the year, each piece will be a unique original painting on canvas. Come explore with me as we journey through the vibrant world of color and process and true expression of fluid freedom!

Experience the mesmerizing depths of "Ocean Abyss," a 20x20" original painting expertly crafted on canvas.

Part of The Infinity Collection, this unique piece captivates with its rich blues and violets. Protect your investment with a durable, UV-resistant transparent gloss acrylic layer. Professionally packaged and delivered from my studio to your doorstep, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece is a must-have for any art enthusiast.

Bring the magic of "Ocean Abyss" into your home and be inspired every day!