St. Mary's Child Center - Indianapolis

We believe that every child deserves a childhood that allows the child to be successful in their early years in school and as adults.

Poverty neglect abuse violence and learning disabilities greatly inhibit the potential of children to become successful and contributing citizens. Through its programs St. Marys Child Center in partnership with the family enables children to reach their potential.

Since 1961 the agency has been a leader in providing a full range of services for children who are desperately in need.

Thousands of Indianapolis area children as young as three years old are at great risk. Too young to be helped by school systems many of them live in dangerous environments of neglect abuse drugs violence or worse. The risk is that their ability to learn socialize and grow into typical happy children can be damaged by the severe stresses theyre exposed to.

St. Marys Child Center is a not-for-profit education center that is focused on helping young children who are at great risk for a wide range of social emotional economic and environmental problems and whose needs are not being adequately met by any other private or public service.

The St. Marys Child Center experience gives these children a positive educational and emotional environment. Together they can begin to normalize their lives contribute socially and learn alongside other children their age.

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    St. Mary's Child Center
    901 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    United States
     +1 317 635 1491


    Julie Davis Veach Art & Design In-Kind Art Donation

    Having raised my children as a young single parent, I know how imperative it is to have access to programs like those provided by St. Mary’s Child Center. Please visit their website and consider making a contribution.