Wolves Within Hand-Painted Auto Sport Helmet


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Discover the "Wolves Within" design on this motorsports helmet. If you're a fan, add it to your collection! For inquiries on how to purchase, email julie@juliedavisart.com.


"Wolves Within" references a parable about inner self-conflict, illustrating the most important battle of our lives―the one between good and bad within us.

There are two versions of this story; One emphasizes a harsh dualistic way of thinking (good/bad, light/dark, etc.) while the other version embraces both "wolves within" and provides a path of harmony and therefore peace. It teaches us about the basic nature of humanity and that peace is within our grasp, but it also prescribes the wisest action and thereby gives us a path to follow - the Middle Way (a path that embraces being both human and divine). To stop this internal war, we need to honor both sides of our nature. 

The old Cherokee simply replies, “They both win if you feed them right.

“You see, if I starve one wolf, the other will become imbalanced with power. If I choose to feed only the light wolf, the shadow one will become ravenous and resentful. He will hide around every corner and wait for my defenses to lower, then attack. He will be filled with hatred and jealousy and will fight the light wolf endlessly.

This philosophy is echoed in the profoundly important psychological discovery made by renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He proposed that we have numerous sides of our nature and we all possess a dark side known as the Shadow Self.  

Practicing both light and shadow work equally will allow you to feed both wolves, thereby creating balance, harmony, peace, joy, and spiritual expansion within your life.

If you really think about it, if the ‘good’ part within us was truly loving, why would it tolerate us ignoring, rejecting, and condemning the ‘bad’ part within us? Wouldn’t it feel compassion for that part and want to help it somehow?