Resonance Rising

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"Resonance Rising" is a 24x30” original painting on canvas.

It comes ready to hang as soon as it arrives in your home. Bold and Bright it is sure to add a pop of joy to any space!

Depicting the active shifts happening within us and our world this very moment. We are facing challenging times right now and are faced with choosing to heal, be at peace, and grow or to continue in the suffering. Systems that no longer serve the betterment of individuals and society are in process of collapsing. It's up to each one of us to Rise Up, increase our own resonance in order to witness the changes in the world around us that we wish to see.

Sealed with a transparent gloss acrylic layer which is breathable, permanent and protects against UV damage.

Packaged securely and professionally with a few surprise goodies included from my home to yours! This painting is a one-off original and cannot be reproduced.

If you love it, collect it!

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I can't wait for you to enjoy this in your home! Please allow a few weeks for varnishing, packaging, and delivery.